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Nudibranch mollusk on coral, Raja Ampat Islands, Irian Jaya, West Papua, Indonesia

Imagine having this in a fish-tank;) Image detail for -Nudibranch mollusk on coral, Raja Ampat Islands, Irian Jaya, West Papua, Indonesia


Divindk Less than inch long, this California blue doris nudibranch was a quite a colorful find at the Avalon Dive Park.

Sea Slug

Somehow this photo seems like the nudi was caught from behind and is not very happy about it.Nudibranchs are a special piece of underwater artwork. They come in myriad shapes, colors and sizes.

Goniobranchus roboi, common name the tooth-edged chromodoris, is a species of colorful sea slug, a dorid nudibranch, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Chromodorididae.

Sea pen. Pluma de mar Clase : Anthozoa Orden: pennatulacea

Sea pens are colonial marine cnidarians belonging to the order Pennatulacea. There are 16 families within the order; they are thought to have a cosmopolitan distribution in tropical and temperate waters worldwide.

Polycera capensis | by lndr

The crowned nudibranch, Polycera capensis, is another common nudibranch that we can find. It is especially beautiful when caught laying its egg ribbon.


This is not a specially designed birthday cake. It is not a palette too – it is called Clown Nudibranch. This bright and uniquely colored sea slug can be found in the intertidal zones of temperate southern Australia and northern New Zealand.

Nudibranch by hummingbird8089

Nudibranchs are shell-less marine molluscs that live in seas around the world. They have external gills (frond-like) that give the nudibranch its name, meaning naked gills. Photographed off Indonesia.

Bulbous hydatina. A sea slug with a small shell

Bulbous hydatina, basically a seaslug with a small shell. Taken on a night dive at Marsa Bareika, Ras Mohamed Park.