love this garden girl

Woodland Inspiration Green Fern Lady Bird Feeder Outdoor Garden Statue made from a tree stump.

How to grow your own moss

How To Grow Your Own Moss

How to grow moss on outdoor statues, rock walls, pathways. Would be amazing to turn a green wall into a sculpture using this sort of idea.

Alligators from recycled tires - on imgfave

Funny pictures about Alligators from recycled tires. Oh, and cool pics about Alligators from recycled tires. Also, Alligators from recycled tires.

Chairs on the Garden Fence- but I enviosn them painted funky colors

I just found a spot on our fence for this. Okay, where are some chairs? A row of old chairs.hanging on the picket fence.stuffed with blooming plants.

Les traditions celtes et nordiques , chamanique aussi vont faire des offrandes aux esprits de la nature

♧ Charming Fairy Cottages ♧ garden faerie gnome & elf houses & miniature furniture - amazing Fairy house in tree stump

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Yoga Bella Sculpture - for a calming presence in your home or garden. Leave her as is or fill her lap with sand and candles or water and floating flowers.

Whimsical Junk Art | fleaChic: flea market savvy

Found this tin man in a wonderful garden on south of South Haven. They sell wonderful garden junk/art there and you can wander their charming garden.

Add an element of surprise in your garden...this is wonderful...and could possibly be a bit alarming. :D

I love little surprises in the garden like this stone face in the stone fence (Diy Garden Stones)

blulilly:  “ (via Pinterest: fedezz fel és ments kreatív ötleteket)  ”