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Her First Kiss

Funny pictures about Elephant Considers Your Opinion. Oh, and cool pics about Elephant Considers Your Opinion. Also, Elephant Considers Your Opinion photos.

Must be wednesday

Must be wednesday wednesday hump day humpday hump day camel wednesday quotes happy wednesday wednesday quote happy wednesday quotes

How to April Fool your cat. Just be prepared for dead birds, lizard heads and other "warnings" on your doorstep.

LOL I wish I had a cat.I wish I had a cat-door. We have 3 outdoor working cats (we do, after all, live in the country) and nobody comes inside. But a cat-door could ALMOST talk me into letting them inside.

I will find that fox...Never you fear. http://www.bestfunnyjoke...

real life disney fox and hound.) "Probably The World's Worst Hunting Dog Photograph by Mircea Costina Photography - Probably The World's Worst Hunting Dog Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale"

MRW my boyfriend wants to browse Imgur on my profile. - Imgur

MRW my boyfriend wants to browse Imgur on my profile.

I love giraffes. Weigh in by Craig Pelke: A newborn giraffe is weighed at the Virginia Zoo. At birth, a giraffe can be as much as tall and weigh about


I'm gonna be a snake for Halloween! Wanna see?

This little dinosaur is gonna be a snake for halloween by Liz Climo

The best possible name for a dog

Some Helpful Life Hack Tips, Let's Make Life Great Again!

I named my dog Miles" so I can tell people I walk 5 miles everyday # funny

Poor thing looks like he's been diapered by my Mom

The cast of Game of Thrones sings its theme song

I can has cheezburger?

I'm just gon "borrow" dis… funny cat…give me that burger!

KFC Witness Protection Program

KFC witness protection program - Funny chicken walking on stilts among flamingos.

picture of a dog trying to escape from a cage

45 Funny Dog Memes

Hilarious animal pictures with captions are always very funny and great for a laugh. You will defiantly enjoy this hilarious animal image collection.


If I don’t pet my dog immediately, he gets someone else to pet him then stares at me to see if I’m jealous


A dog in the toddler shoe socks. striefler Schleen - Can I have Peri's socks when she outgrows them?