#Hyperrealism - Mary Ellen Johnson: Big Smores, 2010 #hyper #photorealistic #paintings #art

Let me introduce you to the hyper-realistic food paintings of American artist Mary Ellen Johnson.

Yes, It's a painting! (By Mary Ellen Johnson)

Berries Cake - oil on panel - 2014 - by Mary Ellen Johnson

Luigi Benedicenti hyper realistic painting

Hyper Realistic Food by Luigi Benedicenti

Today we want to show you amazing example of hyper realistic painting. Featured below pictures aren't photographs but paintings. Their author is Italian artist Luigi Benedicenti. Born in 1948 and at

Flavorwire » Amazing Hyperreal Paintings of Decadent Desserts  (isto NÃO é uma foto!)

Amazing Hyperreal Paintings of Decadent Desserts

Luigi Benedicenti is an Italian artist who creates hyperrealistic paintings of delicious pastries, classy drinks, fruits and other delectable desserts.