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And then when Dean enters Sam's room and grabs his tooth brush and. Oh god that was disgusting (and hilarious)

So sad...cried my eyes out!

Saddest moment ever.later Dean: "If you ever mention Lisa and Ben to me again I will break you nose." His life has been filled with abuse and torture, so he had to give up the only thing that made him happy to keep them safe. I cried

Best episode EVER!

Gimme that salt & holy water. I'll use my sharply honed "teacher instinct" to find then the baddies!>>LOVED this episode, it was so funny

Sam, Sammi, Sam Winchester

Sam, Sammy, Sam Winchester -- and all three versions can kill just about anything or anyone

They are awesome

When your cast is so awesome they join in their own parody - Fangirl - Supernatural<< supernatural parody by the hillywood show is amazing!

(gif set) "And then years later, when Dean’s deal happens and he’s in Hell, Sam purposefully messes with the car and plays shitty music so that maybe Dean WILL come back to haunt him; anything to see his face again, hear his voice one last time.


''Do you think half the time Mark just got bored with being ignored by the characters, so he started doing the most random shit just because, and none of it was actually scripted?'' Yeah, pretty sure it's EXACTLY what happened.