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I decided not to put this off anymore because even though I can only think of three right now, I'll comment the r est! ill comment the rest!

I'm just curious what people think of me.< same what do ya'll my followers think of me...HONEST

XD Comment down below

But really! Feel free to send me pins or comment! Oh and I would be down to talk about 1D and 5sos all day!

Seriously send me pins and comment. Ill love you forever xD

Just so you know, i do read every comment,and the nice ones get a follow!

5 thousandth pin.

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If you are my age I'd love to be here to help ! I wouldn't mind helping anybody but I know I can help someone my age better . Just comment to me and I will comment back

Ill do it, as long as its not inappropriate :) also I'm not gonna put the comments I make on my wall :D

I think this is a really cute idea(: comment plz!

hello 18k followers can maybe somebody respond so i'm not like over here being alone

Okay this seems interesting *especially since I hate small talk but this is big talk yay*

It's been an awful couple weeks and honestly I just need a hug. I hate feeling like this but it won't go away.

Change it to how many hugs can I give away? Like this pin for a free virtual hug! *hugs screen* for all of you guys who are having a rough time!

You guys are amazing! I can not thank you enough for following me!  If you have followed me for a long time, you will understand my weirdness :) I love all of you guys, a lot!!!! xx :)

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This looks fun and I need to think about positive things so let's go! :)

I'm bored, comment if you'd like.