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Jaime Reyes was the third Blue Beetle, a member of the Teen Titans. Jaime Reyes was a relatively.

Was having some STRONG feels with these three. I needed to get them out. Ted Kord, Michael Carter, and Jaime Reyes (c) DC Comics

Ted Kord, Michael Carter, and Jaime Reyes (c) DC Comics Two Blue Beetles and Booster Gold

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Jaime Reyes is the new Blue Beetle in this title collecting issues of the DC COMICS - THE NEW 52 series! Can this teen hero turn an alien.

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Here's a character study that I did of the Blue Beetle. I'm going to be pencilling an issue of the BRAVE AND THE BOLD with the Blue Beetle and Hardware for DC Comics.

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Just a regular high school student from El Paso, Texas, Jaime gained the Scarab after Ted Kord lost it. With the Scarab he has great power and uses that power to protect the innocent.

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When the "New hit the DC Universe, some things stayed the same and others changed. With BLUE BEETLE, we're getting a chance to see Jaime Reyes dis