Woah what kind of world do we live in where writing with a hand that is connected to your left a, usually with a utensel like a pen, is okay?

So when can we get this Kickstarted?

So when can we get this Kickstarted?

16 Perfect Snapshots Of The American Schooling System- sorry about the language but this is the funniest thing ever!

The Clappings: A Modern Horror Story

Ahahaha I was trying so hard to be silent but this made me laugh out loud xD ahahaha just imagine the scene


Ship names! The thing your describing is ship names using your surname!

I read this and started laughing.. I felt a little strange because people started looking at me.. Lol

Life is full of surprises, even from one's own head. When you think about it having a voice in one's head is a little weird, I wonder if animals have one. I can't really imagine not having one

Sorry for the first bit, but funny

"Well that's what girls do" also glad I'm not the only one measuring in calculators

I almost crawled into the ceiling in first grade just cuz I was bored and wanted to leave

There's always something very interesting going on in public schools cuz idk about private schools since I've never gone to one

XC This is so funny!

I love that song! " I write sins, not tragedies " by Panic! At the disco