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Being an actress & college theatre major, I saw this & totally loved it!! --And here’s another. | 26 Signs That Won At Signs

Henry Rollins rules for musicians. Epic love for this quote, although I have met plenty actors and artists who respect the techies.

Theatre is more than entertainment, it's a mimic of life, a picture of our souls.

Why we teach theatre.or a good argument as to why I would want theatre in my elementary classroom.

The history of wishing actors to "break a leg."

The true meaning of "break a leg". it's sad how few thespians even know what this saying really means. Newsflash, I don't actually want you to break your physical leg!<<<<< I had a basic idea of what it meant but I didn't know this much!

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Stage Managers Prayer Poster - This may have graced the inside cover of a couple of my prompt books.

Instead of play you could say show so it works for musicals and other performances as well. I love this!

The Actor's Prayer. Oh my gosh, this is going to be my prayer this week, because opening night is Friday!

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