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And everyone says that Rowan is the only who never judged her, WHAT ABOUT DORIAN!

That's kinda why I was mad a Chaol. Dorian never judged her and hus father was Aelin's enemy. Chaol just kept using the excuse of her being a possible danger to Dorian so he wouldn't have to make a decision about her.

And has white hair which is Dorian's favorite color// Okay Harry Potter reference! Red and Gold Gryffindor and Green and Silver Slytherin!

Throne of glass by Sarah J Maas. The fan created art and writings are the greatest.

Throne of glass by Sarah J Maasbest quotes best writings by people of what characters might say honestly its the most relatable series in ya existence.

Anything related to Sarah J. Maas's Throne of Glass & A Court of Thorns & Roses series.   Oneshots, pictures, inside joke...

Ignore the first two and go with the third guy (Rowan!)<< honestly tho, and if we were like most YA novel fandoms, we would have died long ago with all.


My friwnds and i were talking avout otps before eos and i said elide would be good for lorcan.

ROWAELIN<<< mayyybeee... but that wasn't the only reason. he thought that maybe aelin was his daughter.

but that wasn't the only reason.<<<whoever typed that caption that is the stupidest theory I have ever heard in my entire life what the heck

dear god this is Dulcamara

This is Throne of Glass reenacting the scene from 'Spy' with Melissa Mcarthy (probs spelt it wrong).I can so imagine Aelin saying that just for jokes.