"33- wait for me... II"  by ~salihagir (Salih, Turkey).

My novel "Subway Hitchhikers" runs through a world like this. City pace, city speed, city rush - underground trains running through endless tunnels in New York, London and Berlin .

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Jason Peterson - BW Tips via Artifact Uprising - negative space makes the most surprising contrast in photography

Rain in the light... @rt&misi@.

I can just picture it being a warm night but, the rain brings in a refreshing cool breeze; in which u walk slowly to your car.

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Even though I was alone in this bus, I almost couldn't hear my own thoughts. / Seule dans ce bus, je m'entendais pourtant à peine penser.


This photo has geometric lines with many stripes being present in the image. The buildings in the background along with the sidewalk have black and white stripes which give the image many straight, geometric lines.


Stairs at Liljeholmen in Stockholm, Sweden This photograph is so simple in its composition but creates a very interesting piece. The simple use of black and white creates almost a silhouette of the stairs and those walking up or down it.

+ kelly smith photography

henriettef: kellyelainesmith: can’t get enough of the light in today’s shoot location beautiful light…

You know when you become absorbed looking at the photos imagining what it would be like to live there it's great design.

Contemporary Exteriors in Nature [Visualized]

The box like architecture of these modern homes places heavy emphasis on straight man-made lines, which contrasts hugely with the organic li.

“Champey's Grove, Summer", oil, 4 x 6", © Mary Bentz Gilkerson

Champey's Grove, Summer

“Champey's Grove, Summer", oil, 4 x 6", © Mary Bentz Gilkerson