Holmes family tree. This makes me smile :)

This makes me smile :)~~ Got a giggle out of this one. I can so see Catherine Tate as John's sister, Harry.

Fact, man. Haha I cant hear you ver the soind of my BAFTA

I love this photo of Martin Freeman: it was taken during an interview with him in which he told the woman interviewing him that he was "really chuffed" about winning the BAFTA.

Sherlock's Flowchart on when to remember facts about John.

Sherlock's Flowchart on when to remember facts about John.<<<I can't really read it but it looks super cool

Turning your coat collar up to look cool

John is turning his collar up now. Never noticed!


Because Martin Freeman is a BAMF and can do whatever he damn well pleases. All hail the King of Sass!

The pain in his face as he stands alone before his best friend's grave

No. I really -- I'm in the living room! Surrounded by extended family! You can't make me cry! Stop!

Worth a wound- great Watson quote from the Three Garridebs

i found this funny......then i realized just how depressing it really was.

Guess what my six favorite episodes of Sherlock are.<-- soooo funny, yet soooo sad! And true.