Matisse. So beautiful.

Henri Matisse - Chinese Casket, 1922 at Barnes Foundation Philadelphia PA from the Masterworks Collection Catalog

Henri Matisse French, 1869–1954 Interior at Nice, 1919 or 1920

Henri Matisse (French, "Interior at Nice," 1919 or 1920 Oil on canvas 52 x 35 in. x cm)

Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse This artists use of space and color give a sense of harmony and continuity that lends itself to balance and relevence.

Interior at Nice, France,  Henri Matisse - 1924

Matisse' paintings are always an inspiration for me for Interesting Colorways, Home."Interior with Phonograph", 1924 Henri Matisse


Expositions d’Affiches by Henri Matisse, 1952 This now extremely rare lithograph was a printer’s proof before lettering was added and it was used as the poster of an exhibition at the Galerie Kleber to celebrate 100 years of the Atelier Mourlot

Matisse, Henri (1869-1954) Interior of the Studio, with Music Stand, 1926 (oil on canvas)

Interieur d'atelier, le lutrin - Interior of studio with music stand by HENRI MATISSE 1926