Blij dat ik brei: 10 steken deken (met link naar patroon)

Ravelry: Project Gallery for Ten Stitch Blanket pattern by Frankie Brown Beautiful use of scraps! This is knitted, but I think I could do a crochet version.

Ravelry: Tejer un patrón centro-Hacia afuera Espiral por Elizabeth Jarvis

Knitting a Centre-Outwards Spiral pattern by Elizabeth Jarvis

Knitting a Centre-Outwards Spiral by Elizabeth Jaris Knitting pattern available for a wee fee via Ravelry buy it now

Blij dat ik brei

US 5 mm CO 120 st Knit 5 rounds, then purl 5 rounds.this stitch pattern gives the cowl a squishy, accordion effect. For effect, start w/ darker color on the bottom and switch every two accordians; bind off loosely. weave in the ends on the inside of t

Ten Stitch ZigZag 13 | by Rosemily

Worked on just ten stitches, these garter stitch zigzag strips are joined as you go so there is no sewing up. This technique can be used to make blankets or scarves and works with any yarn and needles.

Using two different random striped yarns - gorgeous effect

Pinning to see if I can use the same yarn chg technique for crochet: For multicolor yarn that speckles instead of stripes: Alternate a dark and a light. Here, a Chevron Scarf: Two distinctly different hand dyed yarns alternated

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Chunky Wool Cable Cushion Knitting Pattern ~ Knit in Strips ! Knit up this fantastic cushion in no time with Chunky wool ! Knit in Double cable strips. This is a Knitting Pattern Copy.

Vandaag weer een prachtige omslagdoek gevonden. Deze staat heeeel hoog op mijn verlanglijstje, omdat hij zo makkelijk is aan te passen aan h...

On Ravelry ~ knitted in a garter stitch with striped and lace sections added for textural and colour interest.

Kijk wat ik gevonden heb op een gratis breipatroon (ook in het Nederlands) van Christy Kamm om deze mooie sjaal te breien

DIY Missoni-Style Scarf: Free Knitting Pattern by JadziaDax on Ravelry. *sigh* I really wish I could knit. This is beautiful.