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Fat cargo bike

*cross-posted to cargo and fat bike forums in order to get different perspectives. if that's not kosher, then please to be deleting the thread under

My Solar Electric Cargo Bike: July 2014

Building, using, and comparing Solar Electric Cargo Bikes (Bakfiets style, Longtail, mid drive and enclosed) as a car substitute in Vermont.

Messenger V2 Cargo Bike by Douze-Cycles

Messenger V2 Cargo Bike by Douze-Cycles

The French brand Douze-Cycles makes modular cargo bikes with distinct frames. Designed for “fast release.

Long Tail Cargo Bikes | Longtail Fat Cargo Bike

I decided to see how simple/involved it would be to run Duro Razorback downhill tires with freshly-built wide Surly Large