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1966 Haight and Ashbury corner

- Photo de Swinging Sixties - Humeurs et Humours

George Harrison with a Rolleiflex, a Yashica Electro 35, and what appears to be a Pintax 35mm

George Harrison with (left to right) A Nikon F, A Kodak Retina IIS and his Rolleiflex ~ the nicest of the Beatles AND some retro cameras = lovely!

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Gretsch George Harrison Country Gentleman, Beatles On The Ed Sullivan Show

Groovy. Pattie Boyd & George Harrison

George Harrison (in a Granny Takes a Trip jacket) & Pattie Boyd strolling in Chelsea. With her long hair, endless legs and mod style, model Pattie Boyd was the quintessential sixties beauty, and a favourite of Mary Quant.

12th September 1964. George meets up with his sister Louise during The Beatles visit to Boston.

September George meets up with his sister Louise during The Beatles visit to Boston.