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Silly Boys! Trucks Are For Girls

This reminds me of someone I know! Silly boys, trucks are for girls! Whether you live for monster trucks or just good ol' fashioned muddin', truckin' country gals represent with this sweet shirt!

I love this minus the rebel flag

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"ha ha ha I'm so clever I'm going to find ways to rub in my unwarranted sense of superiority and my love for alcohol to people who don't care to see it!

Omg I need I need!

To say I want this would literally be the understatement of the century summer Independence Day outfit America

red shoes like dorothy!

We have this shirt at my work y'all! In black with green an purple sequins. They're to die for! Looove it

Either they're being insulting or they are confused if they're bodies of water or that you actually spell it: Straight hahahaha.

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