Rockler 3/8'' Dowel Drilling Jig Kit. woodworking tools

Doweling Jig Kits

What You Have Always Wanted To Know About Woodworking

Hand powered drill press  Lots of cool stuff for your living space!

How to Build a Hand Powered Drill Press - DIY

Power Tools You Can Make," originally published in describes how to build common power tools such as a circular saw and a hand-powered drill press.

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The Trim Router’s Top Ten Best and Most Versatile Workshop Uses. Woodworking tools

The Trim Router's Top Ten Best and Most Versatile Workshop Uses

Small and lightweight, the trim router is more than just a smaller version of your shop router, it can do the job of many tools in your shop.

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My Favorite DIY Woodworking Tools

Fits easily into the 335 Plunge Router attachment to act like a mini-router with the characteristics of a full-size plunge router Perfect for small scale plunge routing on all types of projects Perfec

Dremel 335-01 Plunge Router Attachment (Saw/Sawtools), Clear

Square Check for Tape Measures. woodworking tools #woodworkingtools

Square Check for Tape Measures

Square Check for Tape Measures. woodworking tools #woodworkingtools

Retired engineer builds a bowl-turning lathe from scrap parts and a headstock purchased on eBay

Homemade Lathe on a Budget - Fine Woodworking Article (maybe after I rebuild the Railroad bed lathe. a "smaller" one for bowls.