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Gorgeous bouquet, extremely seasonally restrictive but goooooorgeous! Love the variegated lily grass. Maybe your Mom would like something like this, or even for your bouquet and/or the bridesmaids.

Из серии : " Моя косметичка ".Работы Наташи Мелеховой .

Из серии : " Моя косметичка ".Работы Наташи Мелеховой .

hmmm, this could be interesting.  Could we throw in different flowers (the darker purple/blacks/rust colors/cream/feather element)..?  I like that it does have some length but not too long.  I dig the horn, too.

red rose, hypericum berry, silver echinops (sea holly) in a cornucopia horn, overarm bouquet by Moniek vanden berghe