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30 Crazy-Cute Short Hairstyles for Women With Thick Hair

Pin for Later: 26 Gorgeous Reasons to Crush On Ruby Rose December 2009 Ruby's frosty strands and ice-blue eyes made her look like a sexy silver fox at the 2009 MTV Summer party.

December 2009

Obsessed with Ruby Rose and her hairstyles as much as we are? We rounded up her best hairstyles over the years so you could relive Ruby Rose's long hair, pixie cut and everything in between.

stella from orange is the new black - Google Search

This Is the ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Inmate Alex and Piper Won’t Be Able to Ignore

stella from orange is the new black - Google Search


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If you don't know all about Ruby Rose by now, look no further. Here are a few pictures showing why every girl wants to either be her or be on top of her...

Woman Crush Wednesday (Ruby Rose Edition)

For anyone that's been living under a rock for the past week, Ruby Rose is a model/actress who has gone viral since her appearance in the third season of Ora.