Utforsk disse og flere idéer!

See my favourite band live!  Check!
Ride a gondola in Venice.  Check!
It is a dream of mine to spend a week with the animators at Pixar.
Go on another interrail journey with my little sister.
Get an award at an award show, for a project that I've worked hard on.   Check!
you have never really lived until...

Never Repay You

sometimes, always, never: nomad life

nomad life


Wine and Food Pairings

Learn more about interior design.
The Thrillz of Hillz: Make Something: Simple Glass Cutting
Wine bottle wall fountain! by Çarşiya Şewiti
Going on a cruise.
Bottle Cutting Trick
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Why couldnt I be the one? Why? Is there a reason? I guess... I guess I can be the sad that says I'm happy for you...

The poem above my desk