Tom Stogdon, May 2010  I have been searching for natural textures and Tom Stogdon has lit a fuse for me. As a Taurus I love natural things such as textures that are earthy like rocks, twigs, silk, shells, etc.

For you flat rock lovers (who don’t paint flat rocks): a stacked stone wall .

Stone bridge of Chadelcoste to St Andéol de Clerguemort, Cévennes, France.

Stone bridge of Chadelcoste to St Andéol de Clerguemort, Cévennes, France.

БЕТОННОЕ РЕМЕСЛО – Сообщество – Google+

БЕТОННОЕ РЕМЕСЛО – Сообщество – Google+

Limestone quoins in a rubble wall. In love with this stone & brick pattern.

Stone veneers or stone tiles give you the look of high-end masonry work. Stone veneer over the wall creates more unique look with variation of design and color. Stone veneer wall is quite interesting as additional feature at your home.

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“Draw alongside the silence of stone Until its calmness can claim you.” ― John O’Donohue Image: Lew French, Stone artist

Frost heave often causes structural damage to a stone wall. Erosion and the gradual deterioration of stones by freezing and shifting are other common problems.

Frost heave, erosion, and gradual deterioration are all common stone wall problems. Here's how to make the needed repairs to keep your wall looking as good as it did the day you built it.

Stone Wall / 697

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