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Harry Styles was never mentioned in this teenager post, but somehow this described him so much.


In my defense a sidewalk broke my teeth. So sidewalks def. deserve dirty looks.

I really hate such moments but the fact is that it comes to me literally everyday

I wish I could do that all the time . I never know what people are thinking so it would help a lot

So true I wish I could tell if dude( remember that's what I'm calling my crush on here) likes me back

hearing my own voice on recording makes me want to apologize to every single person i've talked to like i'm really sorry

Ugh I hate my voice. I think most people do but I still feel like mine is terrible. It sounds at once like a boy about to hit puberty and a little 5 year old girl.

teenager posts. ♡ true true Yeah like this certain guy I would never admit I was in love with.... HAHAHAHAHAHA!

♡ true true (Like Josh Hutcherson and sam Clafin and liam hemsworth !)<<<Well, Liam Hemsworth (TGH), Jamie Bower(TMI), Ian Somerhalder (TVD) etc

OMG DAD!!! EVERY FREAKING MORNING!!!  The worst was when he would forget a PD day! I'd hear him coming down the hall and pull the covers over my head!

EVERY MORNING! The worst was when he opened our window and let in the freezing air! I'd hear him coming down the hall and pull the covers over my head!