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I'm proud to be gay!

I may not be the same, but I support it! Gay Pride No I'm not gay. But I do support it

Still working on that, but getting there.

Don't affraid to show off your true colors. For Lgbt pride , gay pride, lesbian pride.

Love Is Love LGBT

Love is too beautiful to be hidden in the closet. So let your love come out, the world needs love more than it ever needed before.

Source: http://thefourthwavebegins.tumblr.com/post/64353485788

"One Struggle -- Stick Together" This image represents intersectionality. Especially in the trans* community, one's experience as a trans* person can vary greatly based on race.

Be human. Be supportive or ignore it because you can't change it.

MyFamilyBuilders™ is creating a children's toy set for blended, multicultural…

“A Guide to Gay Stereotypes” Poster Series | Community Post: WHICH "GAY STEREOTYPE" ARE YOU?


“A Guide to Gay Stereotypes” Poster Series by Paul Tuller and James Kuczynski

Homecoming for a brave soldier who can finally celebrate with the love of his life. Love is Love.

Photo of US Marine Brandon Morgan being welcomed home by his partner Dalan

#loveislove #lGbt

AWWWWWWW This makes me feel all Frikkin warm and fuzzy inside