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What a clever idea. Natural Pools NZ, Eco-friendly natural swimming pools free of chemicals, naturally filtered

Conheça as "Piscinas Orgânicas" que dispensam produtos químicos (além de serem…

Conheça as "Piscinas Orgânicas" que dispensam produtos químicos (além de serem lindíssimas!)

natural swimming pool cross section plan view regeneration plant root zone design

What You Need To Know About Natural Swimming Pools

Instructions on how to build a natural pool DIY, natural swimming pool types, including eco-friendly construction.

Natural pool diagram found on Marie Clair Maison ~ (Utilized Google Translate to translate French (notes) to English, which read: Generally, the natural pool consisted of two zones: the zone of swimming and the regeneration zone. It is in the latter that are installed plants, gravel and microorganisms do their filtering work | marieclairemaison.com

Piscine naturelle : comment ça marche?

Natural pool with waterfall to promote water flow through plants. And I think i would add hidden fencing or chicken wire to make a koi pond inside the planted area. The koi are cool, but the also add the nitrates to the water to feed the plants!

schwimmteich kosten gross

Wie viel darf ein Schwimmteich kosten?

schwimmteich kosten gross

A new swimming pond

We like the idea of the jumping platform and nearby shower. The size and depths looks pretty close as well. Brent would want more of a barrier to mow and edge against, this looks like the grass clippings could easily make their way into the pool.