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Blue Waltz from the 5&10 - they still make it!

Blue Waltz from the five & dime - I used to by mine at Ben Franklin Dime Store in the

Psst! Hands, Minnie! For the love of God, HANDS! Ponchos were huge in the early seventies..

Mine was an old purple and white blanket my mother was throwing out. What I saw as cool at sixteen is not the same at sixty-two, but I still want a cool poncho. -- When we all wore poncho's

KLACKERS!  Put two 2-inch orbs at the end of strings and swing away!  Just try not to smack yourself in the face/head/hand/eye/wrist or those of your friends standing too closely.  I was black and blue after playing with these things!

Clackers - Click-Clack acrylic ball toys from the that gave you bruises.

Loved my Honeysuckle doll. We made little house inside our desks at school. Umm...yes lift top desks! Truly "Old School"!

Doll Collecting

Honeysuckle Kologne Liddle Kiddle, I loved this when I was little! Still love the smell of Honeysuckle!

Vintage Houbigant 'Honeysuckle' Perfume EDT 2 ½ OZ Sealed | eBay

Vintage Houbigant 'Honeysuckle' Perfume EDT 2 ½ OZ Sealed | eBay

70's mushrooms - Google Search

Wish we could live in the time where peace, love, pot, and rock n roll were the only things people worried about.