Crochet Dissected Mouse

Crochet Dissected Mouse

Funny pictures about Dissected Mouse. Oh, and cool pics about Dissected Mouse. Also, Dissected Mouse photos.

Rfmmsd: Artist & Knitter: Emily Stoneking Knitting In...

Wish I could have dissected this knit frog in biology instead of real one or the sheeps eye!

Yet another biology treasure.  There is also a pig, a worm, a neuron, a brain......

When biologists learn to knit, via Dr. Carin Bondar - Biologist With a Twist My two passions: knitting and biology. There is an etsy shop where this can be purchased.

Wool Chart ~ Helpful for those who are curious.

got wool - the different kinds. So weird, my boyfriend and I were just discussing last night why Angora goats make Merino wool. Came from a animal.

Uterus and Vagina Crochet Plush, with Fallopian Tubes and Ovaries, and Vaginal Canal

Uterus and Vagina Crochet Plush, with Fallopian Tubes and Ovaries, and Vaginal wrong but I still wanna crochet it

Knitted lab rat in an actual dissection tray. aKNITomy shop on etsy. Ha. Love it. And only $105. Should maybe put this in my Wish List category.

"Knitted Lab Rat" pattern PDF by aKNITomy on Etsy I knitted her "Dissected Frog".her stuff is funny and creative.

Fuente:> I'm going to make one of these for my dog!

Horrores tejeriles

I believe this is one of those swedish valhunds so it'd be adorable on my little pembroke

would need to  "copy" to crochet...oh the kids would so react to this...hee!

Funny pictures about Brain winter hat. Oh, and cool pics about Brain winter hat. Also, Brain winter hat photos.


This isn’t your mother’s knitting.

This is a knit skeleton (with guts) by Shanell Papp. This would be an awesome knitting in public project. It would be hilarious to see the looks on people's faces when you told them what you were working on.

We're not quite sure if this is cute, morbid, or a little bit of both. Either way it's certainly creative!

Mouse dissection—knitted and felted. No kill biology class :) this is for Sarah D. don't know why?