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Marvel lança revista do Homem-Formiga

Marvel have announced that a new Ant-Man series from Nick Spencer and Ramon Rosanas will launch next year which puts the spotlight on Scott Lang. Meanwhile, Hawkeye is also getting another ongoing from Green Arrow writer Jeff Lemire and Ramón Pérez.

Cable (Nathan Christopher Charles Summers) by Marc Silvestri

Cable (Nathan Christopher Charles Summers) by Marc Silvestri En effet **

Forge ('95 X-Factor)

*I wanted to join X-Factor because I understand what it means to be a mutant fighting for a human government.

Miracle Man

MiracleMan was a groundbreaking series of the Eighties and Early Ninety's. Penned by Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman. It was a true Renaissance for superhero comics.

A plus X covers by ~skage (Ed McGuinness) on deviantART

Avengers Plus XMen by BrianReber on deviantART. Lines by Ed McGuiness

Bill Raio Beta

Secret Invasion Aftermath: Beta Ray Bill - The Green Of Eden Cover: Beta-Ray Bill by David Williams Marvel Comics Poster - 61 x 91 cm


What& coming from the House of Ideas in May including the start of SECRET EMPIRE and a whole mess of new series debuts.

Ian Churchill - Nightcrawler and Cable

John Pierce uploaded this image to 'Marvel Comics Universe/Marvel Universe Team-Ups'. See the album on Photobucket.