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Ernst Haeckel OCEAN Art Print Beautiful Colored Book PLATE 14 Rhaphidococcus Acufer, Cladococcus Viminalis

These are the 35 copper plates that accompanied Ernst Haeckel's Radiolaria book from volume has kindly been provided by Prof. The 35 plates were scanned by Kurt Stüber.

feather duster worm

Sabellidae (feather duster worms) are sedentary marine polychaete tube worms where the head is mostly concealed by feathery branchiae. They build tubes out of parchment, sand, and bits of shell. Geometry in Nature by Esteban Toré

underwater beauty

UNDER THE ,SEA, CREATURE Jellyfish are found in every ocean, from the surface to the deep sea. A few jellyfish inhabit freshwater.

Have you ever seen octopus eggs before? - Biology Forums Blog

spankkitten: “ malformalady: “ Octopus eggs Photo credit: Simon Chandra ” FUN FACT: These eggs are evil. Octopus babies are evil. The octopus mother lays her eggs in a cave roof.

Creación Divina

Luminous creatures: Glowing deep sea creatures photographed by Joshua Lambus - Telegraph! I just learned this in my oceanography course!

Pollen from ‘Ueber den Pollen’ by Julius Fritzsche Published 1837

Illustrations of various strains of pollen in extreme magnification, as featured in Ueber den Pollen a book by St. Petersburg based German pharmacist and chemist Carl Julius Fritzsche.

Fern Leaf X-Ray Photograph X-Ray art by Nick Veasey RADIOGRAPHX-RAY PHOTOGRAPHY / X-RAY ART More At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest

Fern Leaf X-Ray Photograph

Albert Koetsier Premium Thick-Wrap Canvas Wall Art Print entitled Fern Leaf X-Ray Photograph, None