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Mitosis and Meiosis MCAT Cheat Sheet Study Guide - learn what happens in each step: Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase and how they all tie together

The processes of mitosis and meiosis are similar. Mitosis goes though PMAT and meiosis goes through and

handprint art by anastasia

Handprint calendar--gift idea for grandparents from the kids for Christmas. Lots of ideas for different handprint creations.

Dissolving Peep experiment, fun to do at Halloween with Peep ghosts as part of Yucky Science week I'm doing this year!

"The Dissolving Peeps Experiment - what does it take to dissolve a marshmallow Peep? From Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas. I'm thinking this would make a great science experiment to try with the kids over Spring Break!

10 Terrific Human Body and Anatomy for Kids Websites

10 Terrific Human Body and Anatomy Websites for Kids

Here are ten free human anatomy websites designed for kids, teens and college students. Human body interactives are giving students a phenomenal.

The Human Body (stop-motion!)

A handmade "demo video" for Tinybop's Human Body App, which teaches kids about how body systems function.

SCIENCE Clipart: Cute 3 types of rocks characters

SCIENCE Clipart: Cute 3 types of rocks characters

13 Cute rocks clipart for teaching science.Includes the tags for each type (Igneous, Metamorphics and Sedimentary) Includes: quartzite,granite, rhy.

Shrinky Dinks Cell Models

Shrinky Dinks Cell Models (Got to Teach!)

Shrink Dink Cell Model Science Project - This is such a fun, hands on science kids activity!

middle school bulletin board ideas | Bulletin Boards Galore!

The Science Life: Bulletin Boards Galore!- scientific method word wall and some interesting science links on this site

This would have gone perfect with my Sun, Earth, and Moon unit!

This place has some great science and history ideas for the third grade. These could be edited to work with a higher or lower grade. Third Grade Thinkers: Science: Earth Cycles Need to make sure its accurate to prevent misconceptions!