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States of Matter -- great blog with lots of ideas and activities for science lesson!

Grade with Mrs. Wade: Science Notebooking-Matter-- Could be easily adapted for middle schoolers!

Human Body: Learning About the Heart - Spell Out Loud

Human Body: Learning About the Heart

Human Body: Learning About the Heart Evaluate students learning about blood flow away from the heart and to the heart using blue and red yarn

States of Matter Flip-Flap Book!  Fun, Interactive, and Educational.... That's what Science should be!$

States of Matter

States of Matter activity. Teaching States of Matter with a little twist of FUN! Learning about States of Matter using this funky States of Matter Flip Flap Book is the perfect way for your students to APPLY everything they learned about States of Matter!

Science for Kids...games, games and more games...all with the curriculum in mind!

Science for Kids: a wide range of fun science lesson plans featuring educational activities for kids, ideas for teachers, free online resources and more to help bring interactive, hands on science to your home or classroom.

Awesome activities for each type of rock plus a rock cycle song!

ideas for "making" 3 types of rocks and minerals - including (love) a song "we will rock you - Beakers and Bumblebees: December 2009

Idea for Ecology Pyramids foldable!   (Okay, I know, this particular pic is for a food chain/web, and, yes it's got some gross errors, but I like the overall idea for the foldable.) For each side: Energy Pyramid, Numbers Pyramid, & Biomass Pyramid! I like it!  You could also do something like food "webs" (trophic levels) for 3 different biomes! Compare and contrast!

Summative assessment, students create their own food chain pyramid foldable modeling multiple habitats of their choice. Students conduct their own research on the animals in each tier of the food chain (decomposer,producer,herbivore,carnivore)

Great idea for grade human body unit - Actual Project Life Science Anatomy Human Body Organ Systems Foldable

Human Body Activities for Kids - I Can Teach My Child!

Human Body Activities for Kids

Human body- awesome idea // make a model of the backbone with pool noodles . use during skeletal or nervous system study

Rock Cycle - We Will Rock You song!

We Will Rock You rock cycle song. Catchy song/rap with cool rock photos. Will try with with our grade rocks/minerals unit.

Salt and Ice.  A science experiment that is fun and colorful.

ice sculptures with salt and liquid watercolors - Freeze a large ice block and place in a baking dish. Pour salt on top and add drops of liquid watercolor.

Digestive system illustration #provestra

A simple diagram of the digestive system and where nutrients are absorbed from. Aloe has scientifically been proven to heal the inside of the digestive tract in the same way it heals and soothes the skin. Get your aloe from www.

How to Figure Out Biology Prefixes and Suffixes<< good for helping students learn "science language"

How to Figure Out Biology Prefixes and Suffixes<< good for helping students learn "science language" Makes me want to go back to school