Samantabhadra (blue buddha) and Samantabhadri (white consort) in yabyum.

Pema Heruka Guhya Jnana Dakini Greeting Card for Sale by Sergey Noskov

Although there’s a lot told about Kama Dhahanam (destroying Kama by burning him down) Shiva was vigorous and wild in having sex.

Yab Yum Vajradhara

sex-death-rebirth: “ Vajradhara and Consort by Raj Prakash Tuladhar ”

Primordial Buddha Samanthabhadra & Samanthabhadri

We are perfect Buddha Mind: A teaching on the awakened state, by the great Dzogchen teacher Jigme Lingpa

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Avalokitesvara with consort

Avalokitesvara with consort

Yab-yum is generally understood to represent the primordial (or mystical) union of wisdom and compassion. In Buddhism the masculine form is active, representing the compassion and skillful means (upaya) that have to be developed in order to reach enlightenment. The feminine form is passive and represents wisdom (prajna), which is also necessary to enlightenment. United, the figures symbolize the union necessary to overcome the veils of Maya, the false duality of object and subject.

Yab-yum is generally understood to represent the primordial (or mystical) union…

~ 17th century central tibeten thanka of guhyasamaja akshobhyavajra, rubin museum of art ~

century Central Tibeten thanka of Guhyasamaja Akshobhyavajra, Rubin Museum of Art - Tantra de Guhyasamāja — Wikipédia

Lord Shiva and Kundalini

Kundalini Shakti Painting- This totally reminds me of some kitsch movie I will strive to remember.

“Sex is the power of the soul.” ~Samael Aun Weor

Samantabhadra - a bodhisattva who, together with Shakyamuni Buddha and Manjushri, forms the Shakyamuni trinity. He is the patron of the Lotus Sūtra and, according to the Avataṃsaka Sūtra, made the ten great vows which are the basis of a bodhisattva.