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So, so true

June Self-Portrait (Endings and Beginnings)

A post full of one pot skillet meals that will save you time and cleanup. These one pot skillet meals are great for busy week nights for a quick pot meal

A mother's prayer for realistic people.

A mothers prayer for realistic people. I heart Tina. Future "maybe" one? xD)children, this is the truth. Anywho this is funny and a nice read also. Go Tina Fey!

Seriously!!! ~dmk

If you think a stay at home mom is lazy. This is not a diss on working moms. They get mad respect, too! Working mom, single mom, stay at home mom of Mommyhood is hard! Anyway, I simply thought this was funny.

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Funny pictures about Epic one liners. Oh, and cool pics about Epic one liners. Also, Epic one liners.

I'm going to bed - wife vs. husband to-do list and story to go with it from Your Modern Family.

There comes a point when, making a point becomes pointless.

Free and Funny Cry For Help Ecard: Trying to understand some people is like trying to pick up a turd by the clean end.

Lol too funny

Ive said these many times and i know i will say my ABC's many more years to come! love my boys! My latest post over at NickMom: The ABCs of Raising Boys

Love, nurturing, and dysfunction, plus more funny laughs for moms and dads on the blog!

This Week's Funny Stuff, 3/14

LOL - "I plan to give you love, nurturing, and just enough dysfunction to make you funny." This is totally my parenting plan. Sam will be amazingly funny if Jim and I have anything to do with it.

14 of the Most Hilarious (and True!) Mommy Memes Guaranteed to Make You Laugh! - The Bump Blog

14 Mommy Memes Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Parks: slow poke, Joseph: the rod, Jake: the twister. Is your child the Noodler, the Twister, the Slow Poke or the Rod

Haha haha..tell me thats not G right there

Baby sleep positions -- lol, sad but true! they may be cute but they sure are bed hogs. Baby sleep positions -- lol, sad but true! they may be cute but they sure are bed hogs.

men are animals

Yes, I am a control freak and that's why all of my work gets done correctly, thank you very much!

GIGGLES 61! - CafeMom

Funny pictures about Productivity: with kids vs. without kids. Oh, and cool pics about Productivity: with kids vs. without kids. Also, Productivity: with kids vs. without kids.

I've heard it's nice....

I can't remember what not tired feels like. Sometimes the extreme exhaustion of my RA, and fibromyalgia is much harder to deal with than the pain,SO TRUE FOR ME.

How about the moment when you punish your kids and realize you sound exactly like your mom! Scary!!

3 Natural Homemade Cleaners to Remove Pet Stains & Odors

That awkward moment when you realize that you just punished your kid for acting exactly like you. Sorry mini me.

First Time Mom And Dad: Life With Kids Vs. Without (Best of 2013 Series!)

First Time Mom and Dad: Life With Kids Vs. Without (Best of 2013 Series!