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granny square crochet art

I adore crochet art. I think it's wonderful when craft and art intersect and I appreciate when crochet is the craft used in this way. Here are 30 great examples

Da série Animais, do artista conhecido com Work by Knight ou simplesmente WBK.

Amazing crochet that is only a computer image and not a real life blankie. I still think this is some of the most stunning crochet inspiration.

Check out this @Behance project: “WBK The Granny Square” https://www.behance.net/gallery/4758373/WBK-The-Granny-Square

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa: The Granny Square Series by WBK (WorkByNight) made entirely of crochet granny squares

Wow - a granny square cat! WBK Cats by WorkByKnight | Knitting and ...

Wow - a granny square cat! WBK Cats by WorkByKnight -- Photo only. One more cat picture with green eyes at link. Bea---*Appears to be crocheted with mini squares in various colors according to the subject.

Glorious Mosaic Crochet

WBK Impressionist Landscape Monet Revisited Using analogue Granny or Afghan crocheted squares to reinterpret an era.