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Two years or more sometimes

♥ Small Pets ♥ The only thing wrong with pet rats is that they don't live forever

I almost screamed out loud at work because this is SO FRAKING CUTE!

in the next couple of months dave and I are adopting two pet lab-rats!

♥ Small Pets ♥ My fancy rat Penelope. Her dumbo ears are so cute!

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* * PENELOPE: "De 'tings a rattie seez whens she ain't gotta gun.

Mama rattie and babies <3

Mama rattie and babies ❤ look how snuggly they are ❤

I wonder when mom will get back with the yogies ....

Small pets like this baby rat need as much love and attention as larger pets.

Super cute Dumbo Rat                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Rats are astoundingly sociable and loving pets. They need and enjoy interaction and look forward to time spent with you.