Nash) Karlie, no offense, but please just give me my space and stop lying to beth.. I'm not your boyfriend and.. I'm sorry but I heard your being rude to beth and I'm not cool with it!

(( fc: nash grier )) hey i'm nash, im addicted to girls, partying and fun.

OMG YES i hate when people dont know who magcon like where have you been your whole LIFE!!!!!!!

My bestie would be on the floor laughing their a off and I would be like.Betch I be watching vines where the fuh you been?

This is so freaking cute!!! @cheryl ng Nash Grier

You can't not loveNash Grier and his little sister Skylynn they are too cute!

OK, so my school lets us go to this hockey trip thing, and I was walking to get more food with my best friend, and we decided on ice cream, so then this really hot guy and his really funny friends came up behind us, and I whisper that in my best friends ear, so then in line I spent the next 20 minutes flirting with him,  and my best friend was calling his best friend girly and sweet pea, and then they had a burping contest.  It was freaking amazing...

You gotta Bae? Or Nah? Or Nah! Hahaha love this vine and the other one! # nash grier and cameron dallas vine

I miss these videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas and Matt Espinosa (MagCon Boys) np we didn't you're lying

Nash Grier and Hayes Grier, MagCon Boys

Nash and Hayse have the cutest eyes in the world there sooo blue 😀😘