Affirmation for Sleep by Mary Crimmins

Affirmation for Sleep by Mary Crimmins


If you long to bring deeper meaning to your life, start by opening your heart to whatever moment you're in right now.


Today I will let go of the past that I do not need and create the future that I want. Let go of the bad stuff and move on.

it's safe

I am open to receive and willing to accept all the magical blessings that the universe has for me now! Everyone have a blessed & safe day and enjoy!

Today's positive #affirmation xo

I wasn't always who I am now, and through tears and battles and running away from hard things to the deciding to face things, own my happiness, finding peace in the Lord, here I am now.

Wholeness in oneself comes from evolving, learning, and growing intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally.  Continuing to evolve, learn and grow from life's experiences, and holding onto a kind, giving, and loving spirit in the process, because that is who I am.✨

Panache Desai : :The universe is always moving us into more. We always have the ability to shine our soul’s light, access a greater reality and live in the heart of possibility.

Happy New Year my amazing friend! 2016 is the year I prosper and thrive beyond my wildest dreams.

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