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Trolltunga, Hardangerfjord - Harald Hognerud
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TROLLTUNGA, NORWAY    Trolltunga, Norwegian for 'Troll's Tongue’, is a rock formation that sticks horizontally out of a vertical mountain side above a 350 metre drop above Skjeggedal, near Odda, Norway. It is about a 3.-4 hour hike to Trolltunga, and there are stairs and a path that guide visitors the first 950 metres.    -TEL    http://atlasobscura.com/place/trolltunga. More photos here: http://www.opplevodda.com/tysso-via-ferrata-himmelstigen-to-trolltunga-preikestolen/
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Crazy thing is I've been down that road on a bus no less. So much fun and a little scary. ♥Norway