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Drill Press Speed Chart

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lumber dimensions | Lumber Sizes

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pilot hole size chart | What is the best technique for using a drill to insert screws?

It looks so easy on the DIY programs, but I battle to insert screws using my drill. The screwdriver bit keeps slipping out, and it damages the screw head. Is there a neat trick for this?

When you're building projects with dimensional lumber (2x4s, etc.), remember that the actual size of a board is always smaller than its "nominal" (stated) size. You can use this chart with common board sizes as a reference for your next project.  via Kreg Jig

WOOD SIZES - When you're Building Projects with Dimensional Lumber etc.), Remember That the Actual Size of a Board is Always Smaller Than its "Nominal" (Stated) Size. You Can Use This Chart with Common Board Sizes as a Reference for your Next Project.

I was hoping to get into the shop today to finish the assembly on my current project, a kitchen island, and post about that. But in between meetings, I’ve been (metaphorically) chained to my desk all day. So…no shop time. I’ll be using screws to secure the piece together. But because I have no shop shots to share, instead, here’s a handy quick-reference guide to screw types and uses. It’s …

Screws – A Quick Guide

Chart for nails/screws

Ever wonder how many nails or screws are in a one pound box? Use this simple chart to find out.

Carpintero herramientas Diccionario Vintage Print

Carpenter Tools Vintage Dictionary Print - Common Tools Used by Carpenters Woodworking

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