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Chiara Bautista, moon, and wolf image

OMG, every time i find a piece of art from Ciara Bautista, it's like a mini fairytale that breaks my reality..

Chiara Bautista aka Milk Where do I even start with this post? I saw one image by Chiara Bautista and it felt like I wanted to cry.

The Wolf and Bunny girl are two of Chiara Bautista's most famous characters. Their relationship is told in many pictures she has drawn of them. "The characters and their ongoing stories are made as gifts for people I love. They are usually born from conversations, most of them from a single sentence said at the right time." -Bautista

megandear: “ Unattainable things by Chiara Bautista ” More posts like this here xX

I'm here...she texts another...I fade...she  doesn't notice...I love you...she  is already gone

Chiara Bautista - La Adoro = The love

Kaaaaiiiiiiiiko Nanashi

bunny girl and star wolf

Chiara Bautista

Chiara Bautista - mlle ghoul's fairy tales from the shadows on imgfave