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Deadpool's Chimichangas

If there’s one thing the merc with a mouth loves almost as much as Bea Arthur, it’s a good chimichanga. Or even a mediocre chimichanga. Preferably Cable’s chimichanga, served by Bea Arthur.

Vati isn't scared of anything!!... except for Grandpa Rome, apparently...LOL!!! :D Chibi Prussia Diaries

I think the lesson learned here is do NOT surprise Germania from behind.Prussia was lucky he diddnt successfully scare Germania. I just had to do a Halloween Chibi Prussia Episode Confused?

Deadpool and spiderman being cute~

Spideypool++ look it its a little deadpool++ aww++ cuteness++ spider man++ deadpool++


Deadpool Test Footage by Blur StudioDeadpool movie test footage by Blur Studio, with Ryan Reynolds as Weapon X. It's CG, but it's just meant to test the timing of the dialogue, the music, and give e

deadpool and spidey:

We need more Spidey/Deadpool

I love when Dead pool and Spiderman are together. I die of laughter - visit to grab an unforgettable cool Super Hero T-Shirt!

Get up and try

Natsu<---- the four-hundredth issue today- I have died of joy. NATSU I AM SO…


Another reason why Deadpool is awesome. Deadpool loves duct tape and sings about it. ^duct tape IS pretty cool :) XD