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White people are immigrants too

Chief Child, Restored Vintage Native American Photograph Reprint of Crow Man by Edward Curtis

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When you start consider suicide

This isn't just normal stupid. This is ADVANCED stupid - FunSubstance

I hate cheating/cheaters and this applies to people getting with, involved or attached to people who are already attached also. Now let me break it down because I know what’s coming, but I g…

Cheating in Relationships

Plain and simple

Thats what the prob was i didnt trust you never did dont think as you was never honest thats the fault nowt els

I believe in this statement to my very soul.

❥ I SO agree! ☀ It's not their so-called title, their stature/position in life, or what they personally do . it's who they are as a person, on the inside. ★✪★ Everyone deserves equal dignity and respect.