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Nico and Kitty/Small Bob. Nico, you finally got SOEMTHING to like you! Edit from cora: excuse me bitch everyone love nico

Reyna and Nico

Pic of Reyna and Nico by Viria ---Poor little Nico. I almost forgot how adorable sleepy, shadow-traveling Nico is. "With great power. comes great need to take a nap.

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God knows you’re lonely souls I guess I feel too miserable to draw happy characters at the moment, so I just drew these two. I don’t care I want them to be bros.

lead me home..(x) I don’t know really, I was thinking about something and then it turned into Nico wearing headphones and then this song started playing and I thought Nico’d probably enjoy it.

Percy Jackson and The Heroes of Olympus Character Theme Songs ~ Nico Di Angelo : Demons by Imagine Dragons ~ Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day ~ If you have any other suggestions please comment!

Nico & Hazel | by Burdge | Heroes of Olympus

Hazel shot to her feet. He’s my brother. He brought me back from the Underworld, and you don’t want to help him?” - page Mark of Athena. Nico and Hazel have one of the cutest brother-sister relationship!