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Dude, I've been single for so long that I forgot how to spell relatsingleship.

I've been single so long I don't even remember how to be in a relationship...

Lmfao it hasn't been that long but the potential for it to be a looonnnggggg time is real!

Why has no one done this!?

They should put prizes in your Tampax box. Your period sucks, but here's a off ice-cream you cranky bitch.

“She has that / whiskey sipping / skinny dipping / smile.” - Atticus

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Never tell someone single at church that, "Maybe God gave you the gift of singleness this year, like Paul." Click the image to read the blog post!

And most people that say it are either full of crap or marriage/ a happy relationship totally gave them a blind spot when looking back on their life.