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Horse with flowers

A pretty horse with a flower wreath - definitely wedding worthy.

riding in a field of flowers, priceless

Queens Anne Lace and a pretty horse.


Pony looks less irritated here 😂 horse floral crown


White beauty, Horse and Bride


white unicorn with pink mane (fairytale)

Kids and horses :) ♥

Precious little girl in a pink tutu hugging a sweet horse.

girls and their horses...

Best true love a teenage girl can have. ANY girl can have!

it's just so true, it's sanctuary from everything wrong in the world. A place where finally, things are gentle and kind, and make sense.

"A barn is a sanctuary in a unsettled world, a sheltered place where life’s true priorities are clear. When you take a step back, it’s not just about horses — its about love, life, and learning." I love this quote from Lauren Davis Barker. so true


Dale Evans and Roy Rogers' horses take a bow.

Beautiful- WOW

A fleabitten grey with a really unique "badger face" marking. What a gorgeous horse! This is the most unique marking ive ever seen on a horse.