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Tiger in India. Photo taken by Sudip Roychoudhury. Love this photo! Funny how most domestic cats aren't keen on water and yet tigers can swim.

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Tigers love water and are excellent swimmers. Here, in the Sundarbans National Park in India, tigers live in mangrove swamps and forests, sharing their habitat with saltwater crocodiles

Tiger swimming in Green azolla

Swiming tiger -- by Henrik Vind Photography. First time I saw a tiger swim was at The National Zoo (US) in

Tiger in river- beautiful.. but I feel a little scared for the tiger.. that river doesn't look trustworthy

Funny pictures about Tiger Crossing A Green Lake. Oh, and cool pics about Tiger Crossing A Green Lake. Also, Tiger Crossing A Green Lake photos.

Un tigre sous l'eau fait une grimace

Unlike most members of the cat family, tigers seem to enjoy water. They swim well and often soak in pools or streams to cool off. The scientific name for the tiger is "Panthera tigris". ~via Amazing Things in the World, FB

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Smaller fish keep their distance when a blacktip reef shark swims amongst them in shallow water. AWESOME x

Hippo having a snack. ponderation: "Wild Wildlife" by Raissa Scholz Portela

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One of the most beautiful animals in creation. say no to circuses Swimming lessons Respect our wild animals! They are God's gift to us!

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I would jump into the water to avoid a Tiger. I didn't know they could swim. by Klaus Wiese

Bengal Tigers - Best Friends - Both Endangered

Bengal Tigers - Best Friends - Both Endangered. Tigers are one of my favorite animals.