Cyttaria darwinii

Darwin's Neon Golf Balls - Cyttaria darwinii - the beech orange fungus of Tierra del Fuego

¿QUE ES ESTOOOO? Imagenes de humor

Collection of animations from my Created in Cinema and rendered using Octane Render

toadstool leather

The Toadstool Mushroom Leather Coral is referred to as Sarcophyton Coral, Mushroom, Leather, or Trough Corals. The toadstool leather coral is found on reef flats and lagoons in Indonesia and Tonga.

Beautiful and endangered fungi: Black Earth Tongues

Trichoglossum hirsutum is a family of fungi in the genus Trichoglossum. They are commonly called black earth tongues.

Rainforest fungi, Lamington NP, Australia by David Woolcock

rainforest fungi, lamington np, australia- it's giving me face bumps (goose bumps on your face)

Nidulariaceae are also called Bird's Nest Fungi for obvious reasons. Those little egg-looking things inside are actually spores. The fungus will wait for the perfect oppurtunity to launch these into the air

These beautiful fungi are called nidulariacea and are also known as fairy cups or bird nest’s fungi, because they look like bird nests with little eggs in them. Photo by artist Miwa Matreyeck. via Gilda Davidian

hygrocybe psittacina: papegaaizwammetje. Als de groene kleur zonlicht krijgt verandert hij in geel..

Description on photo: hygrocybe psittacina i dont think ive ever seen a better example of the word tumescent

mushroom spores

Clutch of Butterfly eggs: scanning electron microscope (SEM) image - they look like little pots.A clutch of unidentified butterfly eggs on a raspberry plant. These eggs have already hatched