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51 Memes That Perfectly Describe the INFJ

51 Memes That Perfectly Describe the INFJ Hilarisch herkenbaar

a great article! ""Your life will always be difficult, but your rewards can be greater than any other personality type can imagine." - An Anonymous INFJ

Jennifer Soldner: Joyfully Freefalling: Achieving a Peaceful Life as an INFJ

12 Things the INFJ Personality Type Absolutely Needs to Be Happy

12 Things INFJs Absolutely Need to Be Happy

The INFJ sees the world in a unique way—a way that most people can’t understand or relate to. Here's what this rare personality type needs to be happy.

fitter.happier.: How to be an INFJ in a world that isn't made for you.

Infj-know this: that complexity, that confusion, that awareness of your fragile humanity, that ability to see the fragile broken human inside others, that is your gift.

Aaron Caycedo-Kimura created INFJoe Cartoons to help other INFJs not feel so alone.

24 Cartoons That Introverts (Especially INFJs) Will Relate To

24 Thoughtful Cartoons That Introverts (Especially INFJs) Will Relate To

Never would have thought there would be infj movies but this is so interesting. Also seems to be very accurate!

The Top 25 Favorite INFJ Movies

INFJ The Notebook & Titanic.& The Princess Bride.Soulmate stuff for sure!

Are you the rarest personality type?

21 signs you’re an INFJ personality type {told in pictures}

21 signs you’re an INFJ personality type {INFJ Refuge images}

Stupid brain; I told you to forget that!

That embarrassing thing I did 8 years ago? Not an infj but yessss!

5 Ways to Annoy an INFJ

5 Ways to Annoy An INFJ

Today we’re going to talk about what rattles the enigmatic INFJ personality type. INFJs are referred to by psychologist David …

INFJs live in a world of quiet introspection and imagination. They have an uncanny ability see through people, situations, and words to find hidden meanings, motives, and outcomes. They care very little about how something appears to be on the surface, but instead try to peer deeply into what something means, what its essence, or core truth is.

Understanding INFJ Intuition

INFJ Introverted Intuition -this is so true but sometimes I just don't want to listen.

Me in a nutshell. #infj and #disney | My life experiences ...

INFJ & Disney- need to see Tangled then

I've never seen a better explanation for why some of us need quiet time to recharge.  :)

21 signs you’re an INFJ personality type {told in pictures}

As a sensitive introvert, sometimes life seems like too much.

(sigh) It's affecting me.

*a true infj*

INFJs are relatable. Even if you think you're an INFJ the only real way to tell is the Meyer Briggs MBTI personality test.

what is an infj infographic

Plights of an INFJ empath - Recovering from second-hand emotions

knowing the difference between your feelings/thoughts, and those of other people is a precarious walk through darkness to light.