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Hahaha I do this to Kitty! No wonder he never wants to sleep in my bed lol

I Don’t Need A Man

Funny pictures about Crazy Cat Ladies Everywhere. Oh, and cool pics about Crazy Cat Ladies Everywhere. Also, Crazy Cat Ladies Everywhere photos.

Muahahaha. Or two or three

40 Funny Doodles For Cat Lovers and Your Cat Crazy Lady Friend

"Crazy Cat Lady" Posters by fauxtauxgraphy | Redbubble

Crazy Cat Lady - Huh, I wonder what people say about me and my two normal cats, and my one eyed cat?

pretty sure i like cats more than i like most of the people i have to interact with... and i think that says less about me as a crazy cat lady than it does about the moronic people i have to interact with ;)

Why cats are awesome ! Why cats are awesome! Except dogs actually love you instead of being a cold prick who ignores you until it suits them. And dogs don't bark if you know how to train them, it's those G cats are sexy

I am a Cat Person and, a Dog Person and basically animal person.

Ahhhh. Curling up with the bible, hot cup of tea and cats.  Let it rain, God is good!!!

25 Signs You're Addicted To Books

"If you don't like cats, you don't like me." I say so too! ;) #cat

Beautiful Chinchilla Persian - 14th October 2014

truth quote HD: If you love cats, can you honestly say you have a true friend who doesn't like them? I remember you didn't like cats.

Things Crazy Cat People Do

Cute Kittens Posing as Sexy Pin-up Girls

Things Crazy Cat People Do (and crazy dog people). And crazy people in general.