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Almond Atole

Atole Almendrado Almond Atole: Serves Ingredients 5 cups milk 2 cinnamon sticks 1 cup corn flour (I used Maseca) 1 piloncillo cone, crushed in small pieces cup Jif Almond Butter, Crunchy ground cinnamon for garnish

60's.. @Alyazia the perfect combination!!!!

"a good start to the day - coffee, chocolate Porsche" . well, coffee and chocolate would be enough


Coffee or Latte Art is developing very quickly and there are even competitions all around the world showing this interesting and beautiful form of art.

Coffee Pudding - Café Enrista

Coffee Pudding - I don& have Cafe Enrista but, I do have Maxim Korean Coffee and the products sound similar.

Cafe Lynnylu: Coffee Bavarian Cream

Our journey of Abbecedario Culinario-the culinary ABC's of the European Community continues as we visit Germany. Simona is our.