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Happy Birthday!

I enjoy writing, drawing and reading. Norman Reedus, with others. Lost in California, If I could have dinner with anyone I would choose besides the obvious Norman, it would be.

Norman Reedus looks great in black on black

NORMAN REEDUS has become a breakout sex symbol playing macho zombie fighter Daryl Dixon on “The Walking Dead,” but in real life he’s struck out trying to find Ms.

Norman Reedus <3

Claaron Graywyne dream cast as Norman Reedus, because he's badass, sexy, and has style.

Norman Reedus

There is something about this photo that makes me want to rip off his clothes and lick him all over! - Norman Reedus photographed by Frances Turk Hart


Norman Reedus - the only man who can look cool in an apron Humor pictures

Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus - Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. - Dirty looks and motorcycles, sounds appropriate :)


Volunteers to be in a movie, and dies horrifically like 5 minutes in to his cameo. The wonder that is Norman Reedus.

Wings.. norman reedus

This is awesome especially since his character in the walking dead has wings on the back of his leather cut, beautiful